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Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808
Dental chair K-808

Dental chair K-808

Products Details

KEGON brand


Firm, durable, efficient

K-808 Standard style.jpg


Standard configuration of Kegon Dental chair:

Motor imported from Denmark,silence,stable,no jitter

Unique rail type compensatory chair position

●Emergence chair position

●Quick reset function(less than 9s)

●One-click spitting position

●Postoperative cleaning chair position

●9 Memory position

●All-computer liquid crystal display screen

●Box and stainless steel tray adjustable and interchangeable by 180 degrees(For left and right hand operation)

●Deluxe double joint folding head pillow

●Wear resistant double joint folding head pillow

●Wear resistant and super fiber leather sofa chair

●Multifunctional pedal switch

●Deluxe induction 6 hole LED oral lamp

●Wear-resistant super fiber dermatologist's working seat

●Stainless die cast aluminum base plate

●One key water,air, electric switch

Dental uint K-808 Had anti-retraction valve


Main box part 

●Water purification bottle water supply system

Rotatable all ceramic spittoon

●Bring your own pipe cleaning and disinfection system to relieve the pressure of the doctor

●Adjustable mouthwash pressure regulator

●Large capacity automatic constant temperature heating system

●Strong suction negative pressure system

●Strong absorption and silencing device

●Weak suction negative pressure system

●Suction filter device 


Doctor's working table

●Multifunction luxurious doctor operation panel

●135-degree rotatable tilted large hanging frame

●Three four-hole handpiece tubes


●Three ways syringe

●Built-in 24VDC panoramic view lamp

●Balance arm is control by double air brake

●Deluxe digital display function

Assistance’s working table

●Detachable assistive device tray for easy cleaning and hygiene

●Large assistant operation panel

●Hot water spray gun

●Easily detachable suction and salivary filtration device

●Detachable weakly drawn aluminium alloy joint

●Detachable strong absorbing aluminum alloy joint


Our quality 

Stable chair frame: K-808 the whole chair frame adopts precision casting technology, solid cast aluminum bottom plate, unique track type design, precise casting parts ensure that all parts cooperate with each other, chair motion will not shake tens of thousands of times, and durable.

Imported USA water pipe: acid and alkali resistance, long life, can be used for many years without leakage and leakage. Kexiang uses a variety of colors of pipes, easy docking when customers install, easy after-sale inspection.



Imported solenoid valve: imported solenoid valve durable and safe, not easy to damage.


Imported low noise motor, mute, comfortable, no jitter, longer life


Rotatable chassis; increases the space position for the second hand, more convenient four-handed operation.

Deluxe induction six hole LED cold light lamp: inductive tape switch, and has white and yellow light source choice, no pole 6 light intensity adjustment.


Application Frontier LED Technology

Fusion of scientific optical structure to achieve the perfect oral treatment lighting solution; inductive switch and brightness adjustment: movable handle design, can be personalized angle adjustment and disassembly cleaning and disinfection.



Wear resistant super fiber auto dermis: the seat cushion is made of ultra-fine fiber manual sewn leather, fine cortex, soft and comfortable sitting feeling, and can keep the patient comfortable and relaxed even after long time treatment, even if it is used for a long time, it will not produce hard cracking.

Independent water regulation design

Easily detachable pillow

Easily detachable suction filter

Luxury gas brake stainless steel tray; with gas brake stainless steel tray, convenient for doctors to place surgical tools.


Moving tool disk


Tool plate can be rotated 180 degrees to facilitate the doctor's work habits, the left hand and the right hand operation is equally handy

Luxury rotatable ceramic spittoon: easy to clean, clean and detoxify, bring comfort to patients, but also bring higherefficiency to doctors.



1. Imported or homemade four-hole high-speed mobile phone

2. Oral endoscopy system

3. Imported or domestic dental cleaning machine

4. Imported or domestic light curing machine

5. Upper mounted instrument disc

6. Deluxe 18 hole shadow-less lamp

7. ECG monitor


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