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How to repair the dental unit?
Views:  Update Date: Jul 10,2019

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Kexiang Medical show dentist how to repair dental chairs.


What do we do if we're a doctor with a chairs’ problems?

1. It's hard to find someone to repair?

2. How long does it take?

3. How much is the maintenance cost?

4. Greatly affecting normal operating income?

5. The outpatient team is big, and the equipment is unmanaged and maintained?


Don't be afraid of these problems now! Kexiang Medical Engineering Department teaches you the fastest speed repair and maintenance equipment!


KDC-808 Q7 standard style.jpg 

一、Strong or weak smoking does not work, weak smoking after a period of time powerless

1. There is an error in the connection of the pipeline.

2.The pipe was clogged with dirt.

3. Weak suction sump cup is blocked.

4. The weak suction valve is clogged with dirt.

5. The poor water quality caused the pipeline to block.

Exclusion method;Replace the parts that cannot be repaired, check and repair the wiring;Clean the weak suction main valve.

It is recommended that users clean the collecting cup regularly (once a week), blow it back with three-way syring and pack it back as it is.


The outlet is clogged with dirt or the pipeline is incorrectly connected

KDC-808 Q7 Ceramic trolley.jpg 

The water quality is not good enough, the interface is blocked by dirt or the pipe connection is wrong


二、The treatment machine set up the function element disorder.

1. Control line and motor wire are connected incorrectly.

2.The mask or controller is smooth.

3. The switch is broken or welded incorrectly in the automatic direction.

4. The foot control switch is broken.

5. The programmer is not in charge. Check the fuse or power input.

Exclusion method; check and connect the line and change the instrumentray s mask.


三、The cold light is not on or there are other problems.

1. The light bulb burned out.

2,The lamp is in poor contact.

3. The power transformer fuses at the secondary end,

4. The inner wire of the movable joint is twisted.

5. For poor connection, the connection joint is loose.

6. The public wire is not pierced into the controlled interrupter.

7. Check whether the output of the transformer is voltage

Eliminate the method; change the same type of light bulb, turn off the power check and connect the plug.

Replace the fuse with the same model and replace the new line.


四、The hot water cup cannot be heated or the water temperature is too high.

1. Power supply or line is abnormal.

2. The common line of hot water cup temperature control line is connected incorrectly.

3. The heating rod of temperature controller or hot water is broken.

4. The control mask is broken.

5. Treatment board control hot water cup relay does not work.

6. The thermometer is out of control or insensitive.

Exclusion method; check and repair circuit, heat exchanger cup, mask, relay, temperature sensor.



五、The scaler can't work normally.

1. Check the working power of the scaler.

2. Check whether the distance of the pedal air control valve body is wrong

3. The head of the tooth-cleaning head should be tightened when the head of the tooth-cleaning head is not tightened, or is used for long-time use, and the tooth-cleaning head should be tightened after the wrench is shut down.

4. Check that the power adjustment potentiometer is too small, and if it is too small, it can be adjusted clockwise.

5. If there is a screw loose, tighten it.


六、The light curing machine lamp is not on.

1. Use a multimeter to measure if the lamp is burnt out, and if the lamp is burned out, replace it.

2.Check whether the light-curing lamp foot is oxidized, and if the oxidation blade is used for removing the oxygen compound,

3. Measure whether the power supply of the light-curing lamp is normal, and whether the voltage output by the main board meets the requirements.

4. Check that the insurance pipe is burnt out.


七、There is a problem with water and gas in the process of mobile phone operation.

1. Pipe problems.

2. Check whether the air pressure gauge of the air filtration pressure reducing valve reaches six kilograms.

3. Check whether the water filter gas is blocked by dirt, and clean the filter if any.

4. Check if the switching position of the side box is reversed when the side box is low.

5. Check that the pedal switch is in poor contact.


八、Pipeline problems.

1. For a long time, friction or extrusion can cause the water pipe or mobile phone tube to burst, break, harden (note; mobile phone cleaning agent can cause the outer tube of the mobile phone to harden).

2.The pipe is clogged with dirt and should be cleaned regularly.

3. If the water outlet is not smooth, check whether the drainage pipe is twisted or flat.

4. Pipeline leakage and air leakage, check the pipeline leakage treatment and replace it.

5. If the pipeline interface is not tight or loose, it shall be connected firmly.




,The solenoid valve problem.


1. Due to the long time of use, the solenoid valve aging leakage and leakage.

2. The water inlet and outlet nozzles shall be connected in reverse.

3. The weak interface of the solenoid valve leads to air leakage.

4. Quality problem of solenoid valve.

5. The poor water quality causes the solenoid valve to block.

KDC-808 Q7 Ceramic trolley.jpg 


十、The circuit board problem.

1. Circuit board short circuit

(1) the correct insertion is wrong.

(2) The residual slag on the wet part of the circuit board for a long time is caused by the residual slag

(3) short circuit caused by wiring screw.

2.If the plug is not tight, loose or oxidized, the circuit will not work properly.



十一The problem of water storage bottles.

1. The high pressure in the bottle burst as a result of the failure of the two kilogram pressure reducing valve.

2.Add non-distilled water to the bottle.

3. The blockage of the waterway leads to the poor discharge of the water.

4. Quality problems lead to poor pressure resistance of water storage bottles.

5. The water storage bottle and the tap water conversion problem, when the water storage bottle is to be used, check whether the water source change-over switch is opened or not, and the total gas switch is open.


十二、The problem of spittoon and gargle

1. Mouthwash water supply cannot be closed, There is a foreign body stuck in the valve core of the flushing pelvis and gargle.

2. The water in the gargle is not out of water, the water pipe is twisted and crushed, and the coil of the battery valve is burnt out.

3. The gargle temperature is too high, a temperature relay in the upper cover of the water heater fails, and the temperature controller adjusts the temperature too high.

4. The drainage of the flushing pelvis is not smooth, the pipe dirt is clogged, and the plastic pipe is compressed.

5. No water from the spittoon, the water pipe is twisted and flat, and the battery valve coil is burnt out.


Exclusion method:

1. Remove and wash the chip.

2. Clean or replace the new pipe and replace the new battery valve.

3. Replace the new water heater and re-adjust the temperature.

4. Remove the dirt, remove the hot water, and make it return to the original state or replace the new pipe.

5.Clean up or replace the new pipe and replace the new battery valve.



Thanks for your watching!




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