3 Methods To Reduce Patients Pain In Dental Clinic

  • By:KEGON
  • Date:2022/02/09

Many dental professionals simply consider pain and discomfort part of their profession, but it is not required. Although treating more than a dozen patients a day can lead to pain, stress, and various musculoskeletal issues, there are ways to reduce the pain and discomfort that dental providers experience on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, many dental clinics do not focus on evidence-based ergonomics for correct positioning during treatment, nor on healthy pain reduction strategies. However, even after years of the dental practice, there are ways to get relatively little or no pain. Follow these evidence-based methods to reduce pain during and after treatment.


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Ergonomics applies not only to your posture but also to the products you use and how you position your patients. Even the smallest changes in positioning can lead to long-term effects: pain, stress, etc. Addressing these ergonomic issues in your treatment room is the single most important thing you can do to reduce the pain associated with dental care. A dental ergonomics expert once said "One of the most common ergonomic errors I see is incorrect TTL declination, which forces the operator to adopt a dangerous position. The head is tilted forward and this causes pain in the neck." Take a step back and think about how all the objects you use in the treatment room affect the ergonomic positioning of your body during treatment. Assess what makes you feel better, what makes you more comfortable, and what positions you can maintain during treatment.


Choose Suitable Products

From dental chairs to dental stools to treatment equipment and more, investing in the right equipment can help you maintain a pain-free practice throughout your career. KEGON Dental chair accessories can help position your patients comfortably so you can maintain a healthier, more ergonomic posture during treatment. These accessories work together to combine patient comfort with precise ergonomics, giving dental professionals the access and angles they need to avoid fatigue and perform at their best. You can buy many individual accessories, from headrests to backrests and knee supports, or you can invest in a complete product kit from us.


Stretch and Strengthen

One of the simplest and most cost-effective things a dental provider can do is stretch and strengthen the muscles they use every day. There are exercises specifically designed for dental providers to help reduce pain and prevent it from recurring in the future. If you haven't already, make stretching part of your routine before, after, or between patients you see.




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