Advantages of KEGON Dental Chair Equipment

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  • Date:2021/09/15

What is a dental chair?

A dental chair is basically a high-backed chair-top appliance for use inside a dentist's dental office. At least, a dental chair often serves as an indirect source of pneumatic or mechanical power for either one or multiple handpieces. In this way, it serves not only as the seat but also as the pump for the dental equipment that may power various pieces of dental equipment. Dental chairs are available in different designs, so as to provide appropriate accommodation for different dental procedures and also because of their practicality.


The most important component of KEGON dental chair is its headrest. The chair's headrest can either tilt forward or backward. Alternatively, it can be controlled by a remote device. This allows the dentist to adjust the patient's position, thus offering him optimal comfort. The tilt of the headrest also allows the dentist to see the patient comfortably even when he is facing his back.



Dental chair units come in various styles and designs as well. They are made from various materials. For example, the usual materials used for their headrests include metal and wood. Metal dental chairs are generally preferred over wood because of the extreme durability offered by them. However, wooden dental chairs are more aesthetically appealing than metal ones.


Besides providing an optimum level of comfort, a dental chair should also be able to accommodate the patient while being effective at its task. Most chairs have an adjustable back rest. This allows the patient to provide himself with optimum comfort by tilting the head back just enough to allow the tongue to fall softly to the back of the throat. Some chairs are fully equipped with neck supports which allow the neck to be held at an even level with the spine.




The seat of most chairs should provide maximum support to the entire body of the dental professional. These chairs should also have large armrests that can be adjusted for maximum user comfort. It should be wide enough for the user to reach all parts of his mouth comfortably. Some chairs have ergonomic mechanisms for adjusting armrests and other parts of the chair.


Good dental chairs should contain sufficient storage room underneath. There should be adequate room for different dental tools, such as sterilizing solutions, gauze, cotton balls, mouth rinse solution and other items. If there are not enough pockets, it would be difficult for the dental practitioner to locate small instruments during dental procedures. This could hinder proper hygiene on the part of the patient as well.




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