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  • Date:2021/08/23

Kexiang medical instrument CO.,LTD is an one-stop procurement platform and a professional development and production, sales of one-stop medical equipment production and processing enterprise. The factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters and employs more than 100 people. Moreover, We have advanced dental medical device production equipment. There is also a group of experienced, reliable professionals and a set of perfect management system, to provide excellent products and after-sales service for customers. Perfect quality testing process, strictly follow the IOS quality management system, processing process, closely linked, layer by layer check, the product has won a number of national certification. 



Here, we mainly talk about the kegon dental chair model KEGON-508A which is popular among current market, if you want to learn more, keep reading our article below.



Standard configurations

  • Famous motor , mute , stable , no jitter
  • compensating chair position(backrest & sit cushion move together)
  • One-click spitting position
  • Emergency chair position
  • Quick reset function  (Backrest reset time less than 9s )
  • Postoperative cleaning chair position
  • With three memories positions
  • Deluxe double joint folding head pillow
  • Widening PU cushion
  • Multifunctional foot pedal
  • Deluxe induction and manual switch LED oral lamp
  • Widening PU doctor stool
  • Water , air and electricity separation design
  • Rotatable armrest 
  • USA water & air tubes


Side box

  • Water purification bottle water supply system
  • Rotatable ceramic spittoon
  • Quantitative mouthwash and flushing water can be set up
  • Automatic control system
  • Large capacity automatic constant temperature heating system
  • Strong suction negative pressure system
  • Strong suction and noise reduction device
  • Weak suction negative pressure system
  • Sucking and filtering device


Instrument tray

  • Under hanging instrument tray
  • Multifunctional doctor operation panel
  • 135-degree rotatable tilted large hanging frame
  • 3pcs 4 holes handpiece tubes
  • Gas- pressure meter
  • Three ways syringe
  • Built- in DC 24V viewing lamp
  • Balance arm with air brake device



  • Detachable assistive device tray for easy cleaning and hygiene
  • Large assistant operation panel
  • Hot water syringe gun
  • Detachable Weak suction drawn aluminium alloy joint
  • Detachable Strong suction aluminum alloy joint
  • Double joint assistant shelf



Our quality

  1. Stable chair frame : K - 502S The whole chair frame is made of solid steel plate, The precise cutting parts of the robot ensure that the parts are in perfect harmony with each other. The chair does not move and is durable.
  2. Import air & water tubes :Acid and alkali resistance, long life. Can be used for years without leakage. Adopt multi-color pipeline, easy docking during customer installation. convenience for after-sale inspection.
  3. up-and-down motor: Low noise motor, quiet, comfortable, no jitter.
  4. Luxurious induction band manual switch LED cold light lamp : four- hole LED lamp, an induction belt switch, And has the choice of white and yellow light source, 6 light intensity adjustment.
  5. Integrating the Optical structure of Science to realize the solution of perfect Oral Therapy Lighting , Inductive switch and brightness regulation:The movable handle is designed to adjust the angle and remove the cleaning and disinfection .
  6. Luxury rotatable ceramic spittoon : Easy to clean and detoxify , facilitate the placement of patients' belongings . To bring comfort to patients , but also to bring higher efficiency for doctors.
  7. Lamp chair linkage : When you press the memory positions, the cold light will turn off automatically. Avoid exposure  to  patient's  eyes  during  operation, When  the  treatment  position  is  reached, the  cold  light  is automatically turned on to improve the doctor's working efficiency.
  8. Multifunctional foot pedal : can be directly controlled by the foot control switch, dental chair up and down, back pitching, handpiece working state, water supply with phlegm, greatly improve the efficiency of doctors.
  9. Rotary  design  of  ceramic  spittoons, 90  degrees  to  both  sides,  Flexible  rotation  is  more  convenient  for patients .
  10. Left- right  hand  switchable control  panel, strong  suction suckers and pipes. match  with  the  instrument  tray, convenient  and has  the  function  of  delayed  suction , removable.



Complete  function  inductive cleaning  and  disinfection  of :

  • Imported or domestic four- hole high-speed handpiece
  • Oral endoscopy system
  • Imported or domestic scalers
  • Imported or domestic LED curing light
  • Up mounted instrument tray
  • Deluxe 18 hole shadow- less lamp
  • Electrocardiogram monitor




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