Comfort Child Dental Chair Review

  • By:KEGON
  • Date:2021/12/01

The KEGON child dental chair is a modern version of the traditional dental chair, but with a few important features. The seat cushion is around 7 inches thick, which helps dentists gain better access to the oral cavity and perform X-Rays easier. Additionally, it has a foot control, which allows you to set the water level, which helps prevent water damage and aids dentists to control the little patient's fears.


The floating seat structure of the children dental chair is able to support up to 80 kg, and it offers 360-degree rotation and silent movement. Its adjustable headrest and fixed backrest make it the ideal choice for children of different heights. The soft, high-fiber material on the seat makes it easy to clean after each patient visit. Its design allows the dentist to see the entire mouth without straining, and it is comfortable for the patient.


The ergonomics of a child dental chair are crucial to a child's comfort and treatment. The operator's posture and productivity are improved by proper positioning of the patient. The chair is also more affordable than the traditional adult dental chair, so you can save money by purchasing one at a time. The only downside to the pediatric dental chair is its cost. Nonetheless, it is still popular among dentists. Its higher price is another disadvantage.


The chair is designed for children. A traditional adult chair is too big for children. A pediatric dental chair is smaller and more comfortable. Moreover, it enables the child's head to rest in the headrest. This position increases the visibility of the dentist and allows the dentist to focus on the oral cavity. This is one reason why it is a better choice for special children. And it's a great choice for parents and pediatricians alike.


The size and ergonomics of a pediatric kegon dental chair are important. The armrests are easier to reach, while the spittoon is easy to reach for the child. However, the leg space is also important. The chair should offer more leg room for the dentist and the patient. The pediatric dental chair should be appealing to children and provide a level of comfort for the dentist. Further, it should be comfortable for the child and make the dentist's job easier.


The pediatric dental chair is more comfortable for children and has more ergonomic features. The armrests are higher than in the adult chair. The child dental chair is safer for your child because of its better positioning. Besides, it is easier for the dentist to see the patient's mouth because the child can't move his or her head. It is also easier to get to the backrests of the patient's teeth. The headrest can be adjusted to fit the height of the child.




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