Contemporary Dental Unit Chairs For Dentists

  • By:KEGON
  • Date:2022/01/18

A conventional dental unit chair is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a dentist's office. This type of chair is usually large and uncomfortable. Moreover, the power supply of this chair is constantly interrupted, which means that patients are always in a comfortable position. Surely, KEGON dental unit chair is an ideal choice in this respect. Its unique design allows it to be operated without much hassle and offers a wide variety of functions.

 dental unit chair

From its structure, we know that a dental chair is composed of the seat, headrest, backrest, and armrests. There are two types of chairs available: a traditional dental chair and the knea-break type. A good chair should be flexible and rigid and made from high-quality materials. Most chairs have a maximum height of 400 millimeters, and a multi-position articulated head. 

 dental equipment

Generally, it includes three types of suction systems: centrifugal suction, a vacuum cleaner, and an air brake. The latter is useful for dentists who frequently perform root canal treatments. In addition to this, some dental units include an intra-oral camera and an uninterruptible power supply. Aside from the standard suction systems, the dental unit chair also includes an air brake button.



The dental equipment is an electric device that comprises a chair with a frame, a cradle, and a monitor. The cradle is connected to the main body with a footswitch. The dentist can adjust the intensity of the light to ensure that the patient is comfortable and is not inconvenienced. There are also three different types of suction systems. In addition to the electric motor, the dentist can also use a manual suction system.


KEGON dental unit chair features a swivel function to accommodate both right and left-handed operators. The swivel mechanism is activated by a button at the base of the chair. This feature is easy to operate and offers the dentist the comfort of the perfect angle for their treatment. It is also convenient to switch between city water and bottled water lines. When using the vacuum, make sure to depress the air brake button to ensure maximum safety.




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