Dental Chair For Children - Make Dental Procedures More Enjoyable

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  • Date:2022/01/06

KEGON dental chair for children is specifically designed for the treatment of young patients. Most children under 12 years of age can use this type of equipment. Whether they are a nervous patient or not, these chairs are designed to make them more comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. Several features can make dental visits more pleasant for young patients. The best way to relax a young patient is by providing comfort.


A comfortable dental chair is essential for a child. Choosing the right colors can help them feel more at ease during the procedure. Many pediatric dentists use child-friendly colors, such as pink or blue. Research has shown that these colors can be effective in influencing a child's attitude towards the dentist. For this reason, choosing a dental chair in a child-friendly color can be beneficial.


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KEGON is a Foshan dental chair factory, we have made many experiments that a dental chair for children should be made of durable polyether foam. That is, a soft high-fiber seat will prevent the child from wriggling during their treatment. A child's headrest should have an adjustable headrest to minimize the possibility of discomfort. A backrest is also important, which will make it easier for the dentist to examine the patient's mouth. A soft high-fiber backrest is also essential for comfort. While the child dental chair is designed according to the average youth and adopts the floating seat structure providing easy movement and extra space for the doctor.


The floating seat is a popular choice among pediatric dentists because it can accommodate 80kg of weight. It's designed specifically for the needs of children. It also includes features such as a headrest, 360-degree rotation, and adjustable height. The colors of the chair should also be child-friendly. For example, a dental chair that features a fun animal design will encourage your child to feel comfortable. If the dentist's office uses bright colors, the patient may feel nervous or frightened. A kid-friendly design will make the experience more positive for your child.




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