Finding KEGON Dental Chair For Your Clinic

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  • Date:2021/10/15

A dental chair is a high-office chair-side device used in a dentist's chair. At its most basic, a dental chair-side machine is a source of pneumatic or mechanical power for one or more rotating handpieces. Some dental chairs are equipped with power brushes and/or hand-held tools such as a hypodermic needle gun.


The seatback of KEGON dental chair is designed to support the entire weight of a person sitting on it, while providing ample room for extended leg rest. Because of this design, comfort of the patient is paramount over the ability to properly manipulate the levers and devices mounted on the seatback. A variety of designs, materials, and finishes are available for this purpose. The backrest should be designed to provide adequate lumbar support to prevent lower back pain and should be padded or soft to facilitate proper lumbar support.



Most dental chair lids are hinged on one side and the upper lid is hinged on another, rather than sliding to one side as does the conventional top-hinge design. The spittoons typically swing forward and inward, supporting a full-sized person. The cavity behind the spittoon provides adequate room for one's head to move up and down. Dentists use the spittoon's inward design to assist them in removing a tooth that has become lodged between two teeth. This feature is especially helpful when teeth are pulled during dental procedures.



Dental armrests are contoured to fit comfortably around a persons arms, providing support for the entire length of the arm. While the most common design of an armrest is made out of molded acrylic, other styles may be made of metal or wood. Dental armrests also provide added comfort for dentists when their patient needs a break from holding onto the dental chair.


Dental chairs come with both a chair and a handheld remote control. The handheld remote can be used to locate patients in case they need to be reached, as well as to control features such as air pressure. This convenient feature makes it possible for dentists to take their patients' dental chair wherever they go. In addition, most dental chair suppliers design courtesy lights for the courtesy counter allow the dentist to see patients without having to hold their patient's attention, which is especially beneficial when assisting patients who are talking or performing other activities that require attention.




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