How An Automatic Sterilizing Dental Chair Works ?

  • By:KEGON
  • Date:2021/11/10

KEGON automatic sterilizing dental chair is a modern convenience for dental practitioners. It allows for quick and painless procedures of pre and post-operative dental care. This equipment may be used to perform all the manual tasks previously done by dental hygienists, dentists.


An automated dental tray is a dental instrument used in sterilizing dental tools and materials used in dental practices. This equipment requires minimal supervision from technicians. Most models available on the market are fully equipped with key sterilizing machines, instruments, cabinets and consumables used in the procedure. They also usually come with a storage container to store sterile tools and materials until use.




Using a dental equipment is simple. First you place the dental tools and materials that will be sterilized inside a storage box that contains an airtight lid. The lid keeps bacteria and germs out of the box and allows a clean sterile environment to work in. Next place your mouthpiece into the mouthpiece compartment. Some automatic seats have an extra button that allows you to switch from mouth to back by pushing a series of switches located on the front or side of the chair.


Some automatic seats are designed by dental unit manufacturers to allow a person to switch from mouth to back as many times as desired. To sterilize the chair properly you must read the instructions for the model that you have purchased carefully. It may have been designed for one type of procedure, but the procedure may be different if you have your equipment personalized. The procedure that you want to get done will determine what type of automatic seat you need to purchase.


An automatic seat can be found that fits most standard office chairs. If you plan on using your dental chair at a clinic that does a lot of work with patients, you can also find models that are portable and easily stored away. Dental sterilization equipment saves a great deal of time and money. For this reason, it is important that you make sure that the model that you purchase is fully automatic and that it has been designed for dental practice.




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