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  • Date:2022/01/04

The dental chair is one of the most important pieces of dental equipment. It is designed to deliver comfort, functionality, and safety. The light in the dental chair illuminates the interior of the oral cavity. It is positioned between thirty and fifty inches away from the patient's mouth. This position prevents the light from shining in the patient's eyes. A good chair should have these features. If you're still unsure, check out our review of the best dental chairs to help you decide what you need in a new dental chair.


The design of a dental unit chair is an essential aspect of a positive patient experience. A good chair supports the patient's head, neck, and legs, and provides smooth and consistent movement. A headrest that is able to expose different parts of the oral cavity is another important feature to consider. You should also pay close attention to the height of your dental chair and make sure it adjusts smoothly. The chair should be able to move smoothly and evenly. You can choose the color and style of your dental chair according to the style of your office.

dental chair

Several components are necessary for a comfortable and efficient dental treatment. The dental unit chair should support the patient's head, back, and legs while they are being positioned. It should be adjustable and have a soft cushion that is easy to adjust. The dental chair should be easy to adjust, and it should be able to support the patient's head, neck, and legs. If you have a large practice, make sure to include these parts in your office.


The quality of a dental chair is very important. It should provide consistent support and comfort to the patient. The chair should be able to move smoothly and have the correct positioning for the patient. Moreover, it should be adjustable to provide a comfortable position for the patient. A good dental chair will allow you to adjust the height, and it should be able to tilt the head to expose various parts of the mouth. You can also make adjustments in the headrest to accommodate a variety of patients.


         dental chair


The right dental chair is crucial for a successful dental treatment. The chair should be comfortable and support the patient's head, legs, and back. The chair should also move smoothly and offer constant comfort for the patient. In addition, the chair should be easy to use and adjust to the patient's needs. There are preset options for many types of dental chairs. It is important to choose the right chair for your practice. The correct dental chair is the most comfortable one.


KEGON dental chair for a clinic or hospital would be a big investment, we have been dedicated ourselves to providing comfortable and consistent support for the patient's legs and back. What we are concerned about most is the stability and comfort of the chair, as these will affect the patient's comfort during a dental procedure. As a professional dental chairs manufacturer, KEGON sincerely hopes our dental equipment can bring a great operation not only for the doctors but these patients.




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