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  • Date:2021/09/09

Dental chair is mainly used for the inspection and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases. The main structure of the dental chair produced by the dental chair manufacturer is divided into eight parts. The whole machine is fixed on the ground by the bottom plate, and the bottom plate is connected with the dental chair through the bracket. The movement of the dental chair is controlled by a control switch on the back of the surgical chair. Its working principle is that the control switch starts the motor and drives the electric mechanism. Move the corresponding part of the dental chair. The control switch button can be operated according to treatment needs.



Dental chair manufacturers to the needs of the dental chair design is a new design concept in recent years. Dental chair is convenient, comfortable and safe: good dental chair generally has a variety of customized operation procedures, according to the doctor's treatment needs for a variety of treatment positions (upper and lower teeth and emergency position) programming and preservation. Mainly for convenience and comfort. Safety and hygiene are the design goals.



The control part of the dental chair already came from early machines. Electrical control to valve control, solenoid valve control, etc.; Expensive dental chairs are usually equipped with automatic consoles, and the seat position can be adjusted by the back and knees. The dental chair is reclined to make the patient more suitable for treatment. The dental chair is equipped with anti-slip devices and other multi-functional controls that can be adjusted to suit the treatment process.


According to the survey, the market demand for dental chair will increase by 16% per year. Dental chair manufacturers say there is still a lot of room for development. As a dental chair manufacturer, we need to understand the needs of the market and customers and develop new dental chairs according to their needs. Consumer, retail and market surveys show that sales of dental chairs depend on the supply capacity of some domestic suppliers. More people would like to see retailers offering more dental chair products. Unfortunately, the research and development of dental chairs in China still has limitations. With the development of the trend, more dental chair manufacturers began to write from the needs of customers, in order to meet the individual needs of customers as the goal, learn from foreign advanced product design concept, committed to the development of more in line with the needs of customers and market dental chair.




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