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  • Date:2021/09/15

Dental X ray machines are utilized by dentists to inspect the dental condition of their patient to detect oral cavities and detect the existence of periodontal pockets. X-Rays are an essential diagnostic tool for dental practitioners to do an in depth diagnosis of dental issues, check the level of dental decay, evaluate the root canal condition, evaluate toothaches and diagnose gingivitis. X rays also enable dentists to identify oral tumors or masses that may need to be removed surgically.


There are different types of dental x rays; however, they perform similar functions with the same end result. The first step when utilizing any type of dental x ray machine is to prepare the required equipment such as the dental x ray machine and accessories required for the process. Once prepared, the patient must proceed to undergo anesthesia that is given by a dental professional prior to undergoing the procedure.


Extraoral X Ray Machine: An additional instrument that is used for dental X ray processes is called extraoral x-ray machine. This machine provides a higher resolution imaging of teeth, gums, bones and other parts of the face and can work independently or in conjunction with the dental x-ray machine. These panoramic x-ray films capture and preserve images of bones and teeth for extended hours. The images show details of the face and the location of decay, nerves, blood vessels and bone structures clearly.


Durable and High Quality X-Rays : Durable dental x-ray machines need to be constructed with sturdy materials that can withstand harsh applications and continuous use for many years. Additionally, these materials have to be extremely resistant to abrasion and high temperatures. They also have to be manufactured from the most reliable dental material available. A highly durable and high quality x-ray machine is vital to the success of the process as it is not only used to image teeth and gums, but they are also used for pre-operative dental health screening and management. A company reputation plays an integral role in determining the reliability and safety of dental x rays machines.


Quality Customer Care and Service : KEGON will give the best supports for our medical clients, in other words, Dentists that own dental x-ray machines will be offered exceptional customer care and service guidance from us. This includes offering friendly advice and using the machine and aftercare. Patients who obtain pre-op services from a dentist with a good reputation will be able to trust that the doctor will provide them with the best care possible. With highly trained dental assistants and technicians on staff, patients will receive personalized care and attention when having their teeth and gums x-rayed by a dental x-ray machine.


Ensuring the Proper Operation and Maintenance of Dental X Ray Machines: A dentist that has the proper equipment to perform x-ray examinations will be able to ensure accurate imaging and great images with minimal loss of detail. All dental x-ray machines require maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Dentists that offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services should be able to offer patients a wide range of options. For instance, x-ray filters need to be replaced on a regular basis and sanitized units need to be cleaned regularly. Additionally, toothpaste used during dental x-ray processes must be replaced at regular intervals. if any problems in dental X ray machine, please contact KEGON Dental chair unit.




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