Modern Stainless Steel Material Dental High Speed Surgical Handpiece 45 Degree

PRODUCT Description

Modern Stainless Steel Material Dental High Speed Surgical Handpiece 45 Degree

Three water sprays can accurately cool down the affected part from multiple angles so that the teeth will not be affected by the heat generated during cutting to better protect the teeth.

The water-air separation anti suction structure can avoid water and air from flowing back into the shutdown state and prevent cross-infection.

The spindle is inlaid with a hard alloy inner sleeve, which is wear-resistant and has a vacuum absorption feeling when the bur is pulled out. 

The airflow stabilization device keeps a stable speed to provide constant-pressure airflow for the dental handpiece.

Germany ceramic ball bearing creates low noise and longer service life.

Head size: Φ11.2*13  

Output power: 25-28W

Noise: ≤60dB

Air pressure: 250±10%Kpa

Speed: 360000-400000rpm

Applicable bur: φ1.6mm

Material: 316L stainless steel head, 304 stainless steel handle

Bearing: 2.78(Warranty of spindle and bearing is 1 year)


1. 45 degrees, triple water spray, water-air separation anti suction system, reduce cross-infection

2. Patented high speed head power structure

3. KV patented spindle,run-out ≤ 0.008mm, chucking force ≥3.5kg, prevent burs flying and guarantee safety

4. Airflow stabilization device keeps stable speed, reducing bearing damage

5. Ceramic ball bearing

6. 4 hole connection




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