Dental Chair K-808-Q7 (C) Landing Style

PRODUCT Description

K-808-Q7 (C) Landing Style

Careful and clear observation maximizes the efficiency of treatment, and enables doctors to clearly understand the root cause and structure of dental diseases, thus achieving a more thorough treatment effect.

Dental Chair K-808-Q7 (C) Landing Style

Product Advantage

Double joint headrest: it is designed in accordance with anthropometry. It can stabilize the head while supporting the back neck.

Rotating armrest: it is convenient for patients to go up and down. Double armrest design can relieve patients' psychological pressure.

26 holes luxury shadowless lamp, with cold and warm light two kinds of light, Soft lighting reduces visual fatigue.

Floor design, increase the stability of doctors in the operation process, more accurate treatment for the affected areas, maximize the quality of treatment.

Dental Chair K-808-Q7 (C) Landing Style




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