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PRODUCT Description

KEGON K-508A-3(One button disinfection)


European luxury, high-end simple, upgrade your VIP clinic

Doctors work healthily and patients feel comfortable

1.Golden ratio seat/back design

2.The backrest fast motor can complete the reset in 9 seconds

3.The patient chair mimics the line of the human body, with soft microfiber leather cushion, comfortable and durable

4.Ultra low chair position, convenient for children or the elderly up and down

5.U-shaped headrest to secure the head from side to side

6.Rotating arms

Rotatable box

1.All ceramic spittoon can be removed and unloaded by rotation

2.The time for rinsing and gargling can be set

3.Large capacity automatic constant temperature heating system

4.Strong suction negative pressure system

5.Weak suction negative pressure system

6.Salivary filtration device


One button disinfection function system

Large capacity double water bottle disinfection system


V-shaped backrest, cast aluminum bent plate

1.The backrest adopts 2.5mm high quality integrated cold-rolled steel plate + electrostatic spraying process, full standard V-shaped arc backrest, small on the top and large on the bottom structure design

2.Back tilt range: 110 ~ 185°

3.Easily removable metal backrest

4.Imported super leather quality (5 years warranty)


Removable high temperature spittoon basin

The water bearing part is 230mm in diameter and 84mm in depth, not easy to splash out, and can be rotated 90 to facilitate spitting at close distance


Ultra-thin energy-saving LED mouth lamp

1.The gloves can be easily removed, easy to clean and disinfect;

2.Yellow and white light sources can be selected, no shadow effect is good;

3.Brightness and color temperature control, color temperature adjustment range: 4000 -- 5500; Brightness can be up to 60000Lux


New generation multifunctional foot control

300,000 test lives

With stepless speed control

Adjustable dental chair chair position adjustment, flushing, mouthwash switch





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