Modern Stainless Steel 316L Quick Coupling LED Dental High Speed Airotor Handpieces

PRODUCT Description

Modern Stainless Steel 316L Quick Coupling LED Dental High Speed Airotor Handpieces

✦  Water-air separation anti suction is not easy to block.

✦  316L stainless steel head and 304 food-grade stainless steel handle are more durable and drop-resistant.

✦  Imported chuck and O-ring are much more supportive and firmer for the bearing, with stronger cutting performance.

✦  Smaller water flow can achieve a cooling effect which can save water.

MOQ: 1 piece

Head size: Standard head: Φ11.2*13; Torque head: Φ12.5*13.6; Mini head: 10.7*12.3

Output power: Standard head:25-28W; Torque head:28-30W; Mini head:18-20W

Noise: ≤60dB

Air pressure: Standard head: 250±10%Kpa; Torque head:280±10%Kpa; Mini head: 220±10%Kpa 

Speed: 360000-400000rpm

Applicable bur: Φ1.6mm

Material: 316L stainless steel head, 304 stainless steel handle

Bearing: Standard head & Torque head:2.78, Mini head:2.38(Warranty of spindle is 1 year, warranty of bearing is 6 months)


Four water spray, water-air separation anti suction system, reduce cross-infection

Patented high speed head power structure

KV patented spindle,run-out ≤ 0.008mm, chucking force ≥3.5kg, prevent burs flying and guarantees safety

The airflow stabilization device keeps a stable speed, reducing bearing damage

Ceramic ball bearing

General fiber optic quick coupling




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